My husband has had some crazy ideas in his lifetime.  He’s always thinking of new things to do outside of his every day job.  Now, I haven’t always been the most supportive wife around.. well who am I kidding, I haven’t been.  Often times I would be angry if another idea was brought to the table, or I’d just let him do his own thing and just wait it out.  There have been many promises and “you’ll thank me when you’re on a yacht someday” statements made.  Well countless ideas have come and gone, many of them tried and didn’t succeed.  Until now..

As many of you know my husband has a serious, crazy sock addiction.  Not just with having an abundance of socks, but with boldly patterned and boldly colored socks.  It started a couple of years ago with a single pair and has grown so much that he now only wears his old plain white ones to mow the lawn.  You can read the real story here.  Well, come to find out these types of socks are really hard to come by.  We looked a ton of places and found a few at some random stores and my mother-in-law found some online.  But overall, difficult to find.  A little over a year ago my husband came up with yet another idea.  After some immature eye rolling and nodding with little listening I finally agreed to give up a small amount of money to fund it.  So he went in with a couple of friends and started this website to sell bold socks.

No novelty socks here folks!

I really let him do his own thing for the most of the last year and few months, didn’t get involved what-so-ever because, honestly, I didn’t have high expectations.  This is where my failure as a wife comes in.  As I look back I wish I would have been more involved and excited about this venture from the get go.  I should have been much more supportive and just willing to listen about the business in general.  And I regret that a lot.  Anyways, enough of my shortcomings..

I am simply thankful for my husbands motivation despite my lack of enthusiasm.  This motivation has now produced three different websites and has one employee, ME.  🙂  It has allowed me to be able to stay home with my baby and work, shipping orders, taking photos of product for the website and doing customer service, during nap time and after bedtime.  It has been such an amazing blessing and awesome opportunity that has been given to me.

Moral of the story, maybe a yaht isn’t going to be in my future (not that I really wanted one anyways..) but being a work at home mom is my present, and that’s the best gift my husband could have ever given me.