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The Flip diapering system (made by BumGenius) is definitely in my top two.  This is a one size diaper, so it grows with your baby from 7lbs to 35lbs.  This was actually the first diaper my baby fit into.
This is a hybrid system (similar to the GroVia System), meaning you can reuse the cover and just replace the soiled insert.

The interior has a flap at the front and at the back. This is what you tuck the inserts into.  While this doesn’t necessarily secure the inserts, it does create a waterproof barrier between the insert and the edges of the diaper.  This definitely helps with belly sleepers and preventing leaks.

This system comes with two different types of inserts: an organic cotton insert and a stay dry insert.









The organic cotton insert comes in a square and it can be tri-folded to fit into the cover.  This insert is definitely the more absorbent option of the two.  It’s a great night time solution as well.  I used this for the first nine months at night with no leaks.  Just recently I’ve had to add a small booster insert to increase the absorbency, and that did the trick.

This is the stay dry insert.  It is a little trimmer than the organic cotton insert, and the top folds to adjust to the rise on the diaper.  This can also be easily used with another booster insert as well (I’ve really found the Hemp Babies to work great).

You can see here how the insert tucks into the front and back flap.

This, like the BumGenius diapers, has a two tiered snap system.  One for the leg and one for the waist.  Breckin is currently on two different widths for his legs and waist and this system works out great for that.

So here’s the “bottom line”:

What I love about this diaper:

  •  That you can reuse the covers.  I have probably two times the amount of inserts as I do covers, and could have more.
  • The absorbency! The organic cotton insert is my most absorbent insert hands down.  Great for naps, night time or a longer trip out.
  • The dry time.  Both of the inserts dry pretty quick.  They also sun out really good too.
  • Although I love the Flip inserts, these covers can be used with a ton of different inserts!  I really like that they’re so versatile this way.  I like using the Swaddlebees flats with the Flip covers.
  • The price.  Although they’re not the cheapest option, they’re definitely not the most expensive.

What I don’t love:

  • The colors.  Although they have recently added a couple good colors (mirror and sassy are currently in the mail to me!!!) they are still pretty pastel and not a ton to get excited about.  I really would LOVE some great prints.  And as soon as the Albert print becomes available in the snaps, that will be on its way to me too. 🙂
  • The inserts aren’t always the most secure since they’re just laying in the covers. This can make diaper changes with a squirmy baby tricky sometimes.
  • They’re not really babysitter/daycare friendly.  Unless you have someone that’s familiar with cloth diapering, the loose inserts could be a little intimidating.
These pictures show my little man in the Flip with the organic cotton insert.