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The GroVia Hybrid system is in my top two.  I’ll get into the details in a bit, but here’s a brief over view of their products.

This is a hybrid or All in Two (AI2) system.  Which means that the cover and insert are separate.  The cover can be reused until soiled, you just replace the insert.

The interior of the GroVia cover is sort of this mesh material.  Not sure if this is for a specific reason or not, but I have found no positive or negatives about it.  You can see the two snaps where the inserts attach in this view.  One at the back and one towards the front.








The two different inserts that GroVia offers is the Organic Cotton Soaker Pad (left) and the Stay Dry Soaker Pad (right).  They both have a waterproof layer on the back side of the insert to protect the cover from getting soiled.  The stay dry is a blend of hemp and cotton and is a softer material than the cotton pad.  But the absorbency isn’t near what the cotton pad is.

You just snap the inserts onto the cover.







So Here’s the bottom line..

What I love about this diaper:

  • That you can reuse the covers.  This makes for less laundry and you don’t have to buy as many.
  • The absorbency of the cotton soaker.  This soaker is probably my second (maybe third) most absorbent insert.
  • The colors and prints.  The first photo shown actually has a color that’s discontinued and two prints that are being discontinued right now.  But I still love them and can’t wait to get a couple of the new prints available this spring.
  • The snap in feature.  This is really nice because the insert won’t shift at all when putting it on your baby.  Breckin’s getting VERY mobile when changing his diaper and having a loose insert makes for an even bigger struggle.
  • The trimness.  These are definitely my trimmest diaper.
  • If you want to boost the absorbency of the stay dry insert (because on it’s own it’s not the best) it’s wide enough where you can tuck a booster insert in between the top and bottom layer.
  • The single level snaps.  It has two snaps per side but they’re all at one level.  One is a leg snap and one is a waist snap.  They work wonderfully.


What I’m not a fan of:

  • The price tag.  The soakers are about $18 per pair and the covers are $17 each. And these don’t go on sale because of the regulations GroVia sets on retailers.  The only time to get discounts is if GroVia holds a seconds sale or when buying discontinued colors.
  • The dry time.  These take FOREVER to dry.  Even the stay dry inserts do.  They also dry very stiff if they’re line dried.
  • These do retain more smell than most of the other diapers I have.  I think that this is partly because of the layers of the inserts.
  • The U-Shape seam at each end of the insert can catch poo when spraying it off.  It makes it interesting trying to get it out.. 🙂

Despite my longer list of dislikes, these still are one of my top two.  They have a lot going for them.
Here’s my babe in the GroVia Planes at about three months.