Welcome to PurposefullyHome’s blog.   You will find that the categories I’ve created are different roles that I have taken on in my adulthood.  This blog is here to discuss things from being a mom, a wife, a home owner, a gardener, and an artist.  Posts in each category will include general information that may be useful to others or just my thoughts and opinions from my everyday life experiences.  I am not an expert in any of these areas, just an average mom and wife who loves to create through art and nature.  Enjoy!

1 thought on “About”

  1. Marilyn Terpstra said:

    Hi Sarah, Your brother-in-law Mike wanted me to check out Purposefully Home
    blog. I read the Artist and couldn’t believe it was you. What a neat little insight
    you gave me and then I read Mommy and it touched my heart. Keep your blog
    up. What a cute smile (: on your baby. Love, Aunt Marilyn

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