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So with this unusually beautiful weather here, I’ve been able to complete all of my spring clean up in the yard already!  In the middle of March, I know, crazy right?  I even prepped my garden beds and tied up my raspberry plants.
One of my dreaded jobs during spring clean up was always trimming my ornamental grasses. They make a huge mess and all of the little dried grass just gets everywhere.  But then I received a little tip on how to make this job a little easier, thanks Steve!

Now, I know some people like to do this in the fall just so they have less to do in the spring, but I like to leave my grass during the winter, because I like the extra dimension it brings to my yard.  I think the snow on the grass looks beautiful!


So here’s my grass before – like I said, it’s kind of all over the place and would make a huge mess if I just started cutting at it.

Take some twine or jute string and tie up the grass at the base and then a few inches higher.  If you just tie it at the base, you’ll still end up with a little bit of a mess.  Also, make sure the string is a little thicker, or double it up, because otherwise it’ll break pretty easily.

Then cut a couple of inches above ground.   With the rest of the grass tied in a bundle, you can just pick it up and bring it to the compost, or wherever you go with your yard waste.  Some people like to mow over the base after trimming to get it even lower to the ground.  I just leave it at this.  Easy right?

Happy spring cleanup!