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So on my February “to do list” I had  – reorganize the linen closet.  I am oh-so grateful that we have a linen closet!  It’s upstairs in the hallway by all of the bedrooms, so it’s in a very central location that all of the bedrooms/bathrooms can utilize it.   I can’t really say that the linen closet was really messy or just packed full of stuff, but it just needed something to perk it up a little 🙂  This is what it looked like before..

A pretty typical, small linen closet that just had a bunch of stuff on the shelves.

Then I made a trip to Target, and for under $35 I bought the essentials to make my closet a little bit happier.  There wasn’t a lot that I moved out of the closet.. just got rid of the old pillow, and moved a couple bathroom items to the bathroom.  And now it looks like this:

The plastic milk crate things were only $4 a piece, the smaller plastic baskets were $4 too (I think) and I splurged on the zigzag bin for $7.  Totaling a whopping $31. So much better right?
I do plan to add labels to the milk crate bins, but that hasn’t quite been done yet. 🙂

A couple days after I added the new storage bins, I had already forgotten about my makeover and I went in there to grab something and almost startled myself at the bright, cheery, happy place I call my linen closet!