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So today I made my first attempt at making baby food.  Even while I was pregnant I knew I wanted to try and make most of my own baby food.  For a couple of reasons.. first it’s sooo much cheaper!  Second, I can control exactly what is in the food, and I know there’s not any preservatives or crazy ingredients.  A website I have found extremely helpful is Wholesome Baby Food.  They have a ton of information, from what to introduce when and how to prepare single foods to full meals.  I decided to start with carrots, mainly because I accidentally bought way too many and didn’t want them all to go bad.  So I started today with a bag of carrots.  The information about carrots on the Wholesome Baby Food website states to buy the true old school carrots, not the baby carrots.  So that’s what I used.  Peeled and cut them up.
Then I steamed them in my steamer.


Then I put them in my blender, added some breast milk and water to thin it out to a puree.

Then I put them in ice cube trays and froze them.

Then I put them in a freezer bag after they had frozen through.  Making sure of course to label the bag with the contents and the date.

Then view your adorable baby and make sure he’s still entertained! Thank goodness for rattles!

Then since that went so well I decided to keep going.  Because why not!  So I got three of the butternut squash that I had grown this summer and prepared them according to the directions on Wholesome foods.


Halved, cored, baked for about 50 minutes then gutted, pureed with some water and VUALA!  My only mistake was making three squash.. I filled 8 ice cube trays and three 2.5 oz containers.. good thing my sister’s baby is just starting solids too!

And then adore your baby again.. 🙂