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Over thanksgiving weekend I preordered some new cloth.. oh how I am just busting at the seams to get these new items!  I preordered BumGenius One Size Albert (in the snaps of course) and the GroVia Stay Dry soaker pads.

Oh I just cannot wait to get this adorable diaper on my adorable baby’s bum.  Who wouldn’t like this somewhat nerdy, but totally cute print?  Ok, so my husband wasn’t nearly as geeked (no pun intended) about it as I was when I first saw it.  But I’m positive as soon as he sees it in person he’ll fall in love.. (dreaming)..

And GroVia – oh how I love their AI2 diapers.  I started out with only two covers and now have 8, and with their recent “sneak peak” on facebook for their new prints coming out, I see another blue with robots and rockets diaper in my future this spring.  I have 10 snap in cotton inserts right now that I really like as well.  The snap in feature is AMAZING and they are definitely one of my top absorbing diapers (second only to the FLIP organic inserts).  Plus the bonus of the AI2 diaper is that you reuse the covers until they get dirty.  So I am eager to have more inserts and to see how these stay dry inserts compare.  My only complaint that I have about the organic inserts is that they take a long time to dry and obviously they don’t really wick away the moisture from my baby’s bum.  So I’m hoping that the Stay Dry inserts will eliminate some of those negatives.  We’ll see though.  They should be shipping mid-December to me, which means early Christmas present for ME!!


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