So a few weeks ago I washed our comforter (it was just a white faux down comforter, nothing special) and my washing machine ate it.  Oh Yes, it ate it… OK, maybe more like took some bites out of it, but either way it was ruined.  So here I sit a few weeks later, pondering my options.  I have always wanted to make a quilt for our bed.  But not your traditional block quilt.. something fun and modern.  Some quilts I have found that have peeked my interest are these:


And my favorite was this one (which I cannot seem to get to save to the proper format to insert here).  But I don’t like the red, so I can’t buy that one.  Bummer…

So I’ve come up with a design that sort of combines a few of these.  And I dragged my husband to the fabric store with me tonight to see if anything would catch our attention and sure enough, NOTHING.

I need some serious inspiration.  If I could repaint our bedroom I would be all set.  I would be happily dreaming of grey and yellow and be well on my way to making a quilt  Instead (per my husband) I am locked into the blue and brown I painted our room when we moved in three years ago.  Another bummer…

So I surf the web and am struggling to find a good way to search for fabric.  I just wish a fabric genie would POOF and make a stack appear magically.

Like these… (from

I particularly like the blue leaf looking one on the bottom stack..  Now if only I could find out who’s it is!

All I know is that our temporary solution of using a sleeping bag for a comforter is getting a little old, so this project has become a priority.