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Christmas season has arrived!! My goal this week was to do a budget friendly and healthier meal plan.  I looked for budget friendly recipes in hopes that I could pad my budget for Christmas!  Also, in the next month, you will notice I have included a couple extra “Clean out your pantry” nights.  I’ve done this for a couple of reasons.  First, to be a little more budget friendly.  Use these nights to use items that you already have in your home to make a meal.  Be creative!  Use things together that you might not normally try to create a unique meal.  Secondly, I added these nights because those Christmas parties are starting.  We have two Christmas parties in the next two weeks and that’s just the beginning.  So it’s sort of a “flex night”.  If you have a party and need to bring a dish, just make sure to add that to your menu and shopping list.

I’m hoping that these new recipes are good – they sure sounded yummy!

Week 1

Monday – November 28
Creamy Avocado and White Bean Wrap

Tuesday – November 29
New Wife Tuna Salad

Wednesday – November 30

Thursday – December 1
Baked Spaghetti
All I do for this is cook spaghetti like you normally would, and then layer it in a 9×13 pan with sauce, cheese and ground meat (optional), then bake it in the oven.  I don’t really remeber exactly how long this takes – just enough to melt the cheese and warm it completely.

Friday –  December 2
Taco Salad
~ We just cook up ground turkey and season with taco seasoning.  Use lettuce for the base and add cheese, onion, fritos, seasoned meat and top with thousand island dressing.  SUPER easy and a favorite in our house!

Saturday – December 3
Clean out your pantry!!

Sunday – December 4
Family Favorite

Week 2

Monday – December 5
Frozen Meal
~For this night I have doubled a few recipes in the past and frozen enough to make a meal for future use.  If you don’t have anything that’s frozen, use this night as an opportunity to double a recipe and freeze half of it.  This comes in handy so often!

Tuesday – December 6
French Onion Soup

Wednesday – December 7

Thursday – December 8
Pot Roast Carbonnade 

Friday – December 9

Saturday – December 10
Clean out your pantry!!

Sunday – December 11
Family Favorite

Nov 28 thru Dec 11 Menu and Shopping List – Printer Friendly

At the end of the each meal plan post I am going to try and review a few recipes from the previous meal plans.  I already reviewed the sloppy joes and acorn squash meal here.  The other recipe I tried this week was the Southwest Chicken.  For such an easy recipe I was surprised on how well this turned out.  I actually used chicken wings instead of breasts, it was on sale, and my husband prefers dark meat anyways.  I ended up using some tortilla chips and sour cream to scoop up the bean, tomato and corn mixture.  It was really good – my husband said to definitely make it again, which that’s always a plus!