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So there were a couple of meals from my previous menu planning that I’d like to go over..
More notes on what maybe I’d do differently next time.
Sloppy Joes – did you try these?  Well mine were super soupy.. 🙂  I had failed to go over the reviews before I made this recipe, and if I had I would have read the same thing over and over.. “these sloppy joes were really soupy”.. followed by recommendations on what to do differently.  So let me tell you, if you want to try these and haven’t yet, follow these recommendations:
-Use half of the chicken broth
-Use tomato paste instead of tomato sauce
-Add extra hot sauce if you like a little more flavor
I ended up draining some of the sauce and dumping some more hot sauce in with ketchup.. it helps a little, but not a ton.
Overall though, the flavor was great! They were just maybe a little less saucy than what we would have preferred. 🙂  I will defintely be making these again.. with some modifications of course!

The Moroccan Stuffed Acorn Squash.
Well I guess I’m just not really sure what to say about this recipe.  I must make clear, I have never tried couscous nor have I tried garbanzo beans before this meal.  Not a huge fan.  Maybe the couscous would be better in a different dish, it didn’t seem to have a ton of flavor in this combination.  The garbanzo beans were.. hmm… a weird texture?  Something about them just wasn’t for me.  And turns out I’m not that big of a fan of ginger either.  So needless to say this was a failure.  All and all this recipe will not be going in my pile of recipes to do again.. not even modified.
Funny part about it?  My husband does not like squash, and he actually said he liked the meal!  The question is if he was telling the truth.. 😉

Look for my next bi-weekly menu planning and shopping list next week!