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Ready for another set of menu planning?  Our schedule these past two weeks ended up being kind of crazy, so I am reusing a couple recipes from last week that I didn’t get to use.  Also, you’ll need to put in whatever you’re going to be responsible for with Thanksgiving (hopefully it’s minimal!!!) 🙂


Week 1

Monday – November 14
Spaghetti with broccoli

Tuesday – November 15
Zesty Slow Cooker Chicken BBQ

Wednesday – November 16
Frozen Meal – if you don’t have any meals frozen, this would be a great night to do a favorite recipe, double it and freeze half!  When doing soups, or chili or things that are easily frozen I try to always double it so that I can freeze some for future meals.

Thursday – November 17
Moroccan Acorn Squash 

Friday – November 18

Saturday – November 19
Chips grande

Sunday – November 20
Family Favorite

Week 2

Monday – November 21
Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

Tuesday – November 22
Southwest Chicken 

Wednesday – November 23

Thursday – November 24

Friday – November 25
Buffalo Sloppy Joe and
baked beans

Saturday – November 26

Sunday – November 27
Family Favorite

For the chips grande I just do chips and cheese topped with taco meat, lettuce, onion, tomato, salsa, and sour cream – or whatever toppings you want!

For Family Favorite – you can also use this night to start clearing out your pantry.  Look what you have already at home to use up. This is a great way to clear out stuff that’s about to expire or to save some money on your grocery bill with things you already have on hand!  I did this for about a month when I started doing menu planning and my grocery bill went way down!

Nov 14 thru Nov 27 Printer Friendly Menu and Shopping List