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So I saw this quilt in a magazine (I forget the magazine now..) about a year ago.  It’s called Hexagon String Baby Quilt.  It’s a plat mat for babies.  Isn’t it beautiful?

And now I have a baby.. so I need a baby quilt right????  That’s what I thought.

So quite a few months ago I cut a bunch of strips of fabric, and they’ve been sitting in a pile on a chair in my craft room.  Well, last night I started to sew these strips of fabric to start this quilt.  After all, I started a list of projects that I have started and just haven’t gotten around to finishing.. and my goal is to check everything off that list!  This quilt is one project that’s on my list.  I really should give myself a deadline to get all these projects done.. I do tend to work better under pressure, but I’ve opted not to do that..

anyways..  back to the quilt.  I sewed a ton of strips together that I had cut from fat quarters in random widths ranging from 1″ to 3″ wide.

mmmm.. side note on this fabric.  I had originally bought this to make a quilt for our baby before we knew it was a boy.  Batik fabrics have a place in my heart.. oh they’re just soo beautiful aren’t they???  Anyways, my husbands heart doesn’t have a place for batiks I guess, and he was not a huge fan of my selections, so we re-selected fabrics for the quilt for our baby.  That is when I decided I would get a quilt somehow, someway out of these fabrics.  And that’s where the play mat came into plan.

I actually made my own pattern for this quilt by looking at the original pictured quilt.  The magazine had a free pattern.  But the magazine is at my mom’s house, and like always, I had an idea in mind and I wanted to do it RIGHT NOW, so waiting to be able to go over there to make a copy of the pattern was just out of the question.  So I looked up on YouTube how to make a hexagon.  I made the hexagon, cut it into the three equal five sided areas and added for the seam allowances.  Then I laid it out on the floor, and thankfully realized before I sewed the sections together that I had laid them out incorrectly (the orientation is not right on a few of the blocks..)

Then the areas that needed to be filled in, to make one big hexagon, I just traced the area and added for the seam allowances.  Yeah, it might have been a little more even and easier if I had a pattern.. but meh, I like to be adventurous!

So here’s the finished top

I plan to use the green fabric with the polka dots to use around the edge.  You’ll notice I did not put any of the green lining the edge – it’s like I planned it or something. 🙂

So tomorrow I am off to the fabric store to buy the backing and batting to finish the quilt.  I can hardly contain my excitement!