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So I have been meaning to make my wet bag for the cloth paper towels that I made, and just hadn’t gotten around to it.. til last week.  I had originally seen this wet bag and thought it was perfect for what I needed it for.  Just a bag to put the wet rags in after use until laundry day.  Otherwise where do you put them?  I was sick of seeing them lying around or on top of my washer just waiting until it was time for laundry.  Gross right?

So I finally got fabric and some product to laminate the fabric to make it waterproof.  I haven’t ever done this before, but turns out it is super easy.  You just put the laminate on the fabric and iron it on.  The only thing that was somewhat weird was the laminate turned really stiff so when I was sewing it and turning it inside out and right side out it got really crinkled.  Thankfully this was solved by running the iron over it another time and it smoothed right out again.

Anyhoo – I pretty much followed the directions from this blog by memory, but when it came down to sewing the inside of the bag to the outside I sat dumb-founded trying to figure it out.  For someone that has sewn for the better half of my life I could not figure out how to sew the two pieces together and get it so they turned out the right way.  So I had to do the walk of shame from my basement to my second story to look up the tutorial to figure out how to do it.  Well there wasn’t really any pictures on it so I decided to take my own.

Put the fabric that is going to be one the exterior inside the fabric that's going to be on the interior, right sides together.

Then pin the edges together – don’t forget your handle!

And yes, that it paint on my craft table.. don’t judge me..

Like I said earlier – I went by memory for most of this project, so I didn’t put a hole in the side of the bag for turning it.  Therefore I had to do it at the top, which ultimately I think turned out better anyways, because I turned it and topstitched all the way around the top and it finished it really nice.

Also, I clipped the corners to reduce as much bulk as possible when turning it right side out.

And here’s the finished product!  I screwed a hook into the side of my cabinet and hung the bag on that.  I made the handle on the bag WAY too long though and am trying to figure out a way to shorted it to make it look like I did it on purpose.. have yet to think of a genius idea though..