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So a few months ago I started to plan my dinners for two weeks at a time and shopped accordingly.  This has made a HUGE difference in my motivation to actually cook a meal and purchase groceries with minimal waste.  So I thought to myself the other day – why not share my menu planning and give someone an easy meal plan?  I’ve also decided to type up my grocery list from the meal plan so it’s as easy as print and go!!  These are available in printer friendly PDF below.
I will warn you, I try to incorporate about two new recipes a week into my meal planning so I can not guarantee they’re good! =)  I use AllRecipes.com a ton and go by the reviews.  I’ve probably made a dozen recipes from there and they’ve all been a success!
Also, I plan for two people – so I do have some nights that are leftover nights.  If you are cooking for a family you may need to double some of the recipes if you want leftovers.

So here is my bi-weekly menu planning for October 31 – November 13

Week 1

Monday – October 31 Trick or Treat!
Order pizza

Tuesday – November 1
Turkey Lentil Chili and French Bread

Wednesday – November 2

Thursday – November 3
Moroccan Acorn Squash

Friday – November 4
Taco Salad
~ We just cook up ground turkey and season with taco seasoning with lettuce, cheese, onion, fritos and top with thousand island dressing.  SUPER easy and a favorite in our house!

Saturday – November 5

Sunday – November 6
Family Favorite
~ We always have a really large meal at my parents on Sundays – so Sunday nights we rarely need dinner.  So do something easy or do a family vote for this night to ensure the kids (or hubby) get something you know they’ll enjoy!

Week 2

Monday – November 7
Pizza on tortillas
~ I don’t have a recipe for this – it’s more of a “wing it” type of thing.  Use tortillas topped with pizza sauce, feta cheese or mozzarella cheese and favorite toppings.  I’ve included mushrooms, onion and spinach on the grocery list – but do whatever toppings your family would enjoy!

Tuesday – November 8
Greek Chicken Pasta 

Wednesday – November 9
~Same thing as the pizza here – I’ve included tortilla shells, meat, lettuce, tomato, onion, and cheese for tacos on my list – but if you want other options just add them!

Thursday – November 10
Southwest Chicken

Friday – November 11

Saturday – November 12
Buffalo Sloppy Joes and baked beans

Sunday – November 13
Family Favorite

Oct 31 thru Nov 13 Printer Friendly Menu and Shopping List – Enjoy!