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You know what my favorite part of yoga is?  The end.. for more than the obvious reason of making it through the workout (although this part is pretty awesome!).  I love the inspiration given to me by the yoga instructors.  Maybe that’s tacky but I always feel so inspired to become something better in my week following practice.. now if only I could get that feeling to last further than Monday morning!

This weeks’ yoga practice was concluded with this thought “Imagine standing and ahead of you is a blank white canvas.  As you view this canvas think of your day and week ahead.  Envision your week ahead is a blank white canvas”.

“As you view this blank white canvas imagine the possibilities.  What can you do with it, what can you create?  Then start to splash colors on it!  Know that you can do something great, be something great and accomplish many things.”
Or something along those lines..
But it’s true!  I felt so rejuvenated.  Why can’t I go into every week with this feeling of hope and desire to do something remarkable?  It makes me want to be a better person, a better mom, a better wife and work harder at my job.  It makes me want to kick the week in the butt!  I see this blank white canvas and just want to go grab my paint and brushes and start painting something, anything!  Oh the grand things that can be done!
And then I remember my laundry, cleaning, yard work and many other mundane things that fill my week and wonder what can be done to make these things just as inspiring as the end to my yoga class.
Is that possible?
Can folding the laundry really make me feel like I can conquer the world?
Or am I just light-headed and loopy from all the sweating I did in yoga?