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me and my little man who is constantly teaching me new things!

We all have humorous experiences as parents..  here are a few “lessons” I’ve learned along the way…

-your baby is hungry when he starts to suck on your shirt in the appropriate place.. feed him

-when your baby wakes up from a nap and starts to fuss, don’t finish emptying the dishwasher, tend to him, because he will spit up all over himself and all over you when you pick him up.. just to make a point

-if your child has been laughing for 5 minutes straight and you reach for your camera, he will stop laughing, and wont start again until your camera is out of reach

-while changing your child’s diaper, stay focused.  If you start to deviate from the task and get wrapped up in their smiles and coos, your child will pee on you and it will hit your face..

2/12/2012 – My husband was preparing a bottle for Breckin a couple weeks ago (when we just started supplementing with formula) and I walked in and he was scraping off formula that had spilled on the counter and putting it into the bottle.. so I chuckled a little and asked him what he was doing.  His response..
“Hey this stuff is like crack, you don’t want to waste any!”
ahh priceless!

2/16/2012 – A piece of junk mail will keep an 8 month old entertained WAY longer than any $30 toy.

** I will be continually updating this post as I am learning new lessons every day!