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fall is in the air – the weather is getting cooler, the leaves are starting to turn colors, the last days of flip flops are here, and ArtPrize is in Grand Rapids!  Oh how I love ArtPrize!  For all who don’t know, this is the third annual art competition in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Artists from around the world come and display their artwork in hopes to win the generous first place prize.  1,582 entries this year.. that’s a lot of art in a 3 mile square!  So tonight, after drinks with my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and grandma-in-law at CitySen, we headed out to see some entries.

Oh the joys of interactive art!






Some interesting entries we saw – please excuse the low quality – I just had my point and shoot camera and it was dark out – major disaster!
















Oh and apparently the theme this year is boobs.. yes, they were everywhere!  Thinking back in the 45 minutes we were walking around I’m pretty sure there were at least 6 pieces that exposed this area of a woman’s body.. some crocheted, some painted, some made of toothpicks, and one good ol fashion picture.. wow..








yes this is what you think it is – a “pear shaped” figure.. lol








I couldn’t help but snicker like a 13 year old boy when I ran across all of these pieces of art work that exposed.. well do I have to continue saying it?  And then I got somewhat offended because of all of the kids walking around and viewing these in plain sight.  Still unsure how I feel about all the.. boobs..


With that out in the open (no pun intended).. ArtPrize still rocks.  One I particularly enjoyed was this one that the artist makes kids laughs into artwork.  She records the sound and then prints out the sound waves and paints it.  Stellar right?  Loved this!


That’s Jill – my sister-in-law listening to the recorded laugh that was used to make this sound wave art.



Like fall, ArtPrize is becoming inevitable in Grand Rapids this time of year, and I just can’t wait to get out and see more ART!!