Growing up I was surrounded by crafting.  Thanks to my mother, I was blessed to learn how to sew, cross stitch, knit, and garden at a young age.  This is what I remember when I think of my childhood – ridiculously bright homemade clothing, tacky painted footstools (footstools made by my carpenter dad, and painted by my 8 year old self), cross stitch bookmarks, a knitted sweater that was way too tight, and picking fresh strawberries and raspberries from the garden.  What more could a child want?

My first job was even at a local craft store.  I loved this job at Country Needleworks.  They had stamping, and quilting, and cross stitching and scrapbook stuff.. it was like a little slice of heaven when I walked in those doors.

That upbringing has evolved into my love for photography, crafting, painting and gardening.  Crafting is such a general term I feel as though I must divulge further into what that includes..  What you would find in my “craft room” is things from scrapbooking supplies, a sewing machine, buckets of acrylic paint, a couple knitting projects I started and never seemed to get around to finishing, buttons (because they’re pretty), a window from my parents garage that I have wonderful intentions for, some wood that I am planning on making decorative signs out of and even some home interiors items that I hung on to from school and the furniture store I used to work at..  So while it’s a wide spectrum of things, I would say it keeps my interest because I never have just one thing to do!

I struggled for years to find how I could combine all of these areas of enjoyment into one activity, it seemed so.. impossible.  When I was on maternity leave my amazing husband, Ryan, and I were on a walk discussing what I could do to accomplish this and out came this idea.. It seemed like a large task and time consuming as a new mom, but when a challenge presents itself, you have to face it head on, right?  So here it is,, the ultimate combination of the activities I love to do!